Shakerag West

A successful conservation initiative by the South Cumberland Regional Land Trust 


We had 100 days to raise $150,000, but you did it in 25. Thank You!

The fundraising is ending much sooner than expected, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have a continuing celebration with on-going opportunities to participate in themed hikes, explorations, and other events until our celebratory “ribbon cutting” in the spring. The writing of this chapter of the Shakerag conservation story isn’t quite finished yet. Stay tuned!

The Initiative:

      A beautiful parcel of forested land, bordered by streams and waterfalls and featuring a long section of Sewanee’s premier hiking trail, was up for sale. SCRLT needed your help to protect this land and maintain trail access for future generations.     

     SCRLT learned the family that has owned this land since the oldest recorded deed was interested in selling. Another buyer had already made an offer. Wanting to protect this forest and ensure access to Sewanee’s premier hiking trail, SCRLT decided to act. 

     Our goal was to raise the funds to purchase the property, and establish a conservation easement to ensure future generations are able to enjoy uninterrupted access to the trail and forests. 

"This is a worthy and timely project, and I am honored to be part of it. I look forward to strong support from those who value the quiet magic of our trail system. When we complete this purchase, the entire Perimeter Trail through Shakerag Hollow will be protected. It is fitting that E.O Wilson responded strongly to his hiking experience in Shakerag Hollow. I feel this effort would have had his full blessing."

Twenty years ago, the naturalist E.O. Wilson visited our corner of the South Cumberland Plateau and was amazed by the biological diversity found in the forests of Shakerag Hollow.

At that time, over 200 acres were on the auction block. Inspired by Wilson’s call to protect this special forest, the leadership of David Haskell, Boo and Dan Rather, and a broad community effort supported by hundreds of other people, SCRLT purchased the property. In partnership with The Land Trust for Tennessee we established a conservation easement and donated Shakerag Hollow to the University of the South.

Today we have a chance to write the next chapter of the Shakerag conservation story. Shakerag West: A Conservation Initiative of the South Cumberland Regional Land Trust. This special parcel of forest is bounded by Roarks Cove Road on the top, streams and waterfalls on either side, and features a section of Sewanee’s premier hiking trail in Running Knob Hollow.

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“Only connect! wrote the novelist E. M. Forster. Here is our chance to do so. We can protect land that links upland and cove, is home to a creek that serves as a vital wildlife corridor, and encompasses a segment of the perimeter trail. This project also connects local nonprofits to the University and draws together the community...

...I’m honored to be part of this fund-raising project and encourage you to please give generously, as your circumstances allow. For me, the bond with future generations is the most important connection in this campaign. Our donations protect the viewshed and soundscape at Green’s View, enhance opportunities for enjoyment of the outdoors, and support the extraordinary natural marvel that is Shakerag Hollow.

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